Almanzara flamenca of Olipe

Almanzara flamenca of Olipe


Almazara FlamencaWhat started as a collaboration agreement within the framework of the project “Olipe with its people” with the Cultural flamenco club Agustín Fernandéz, continued to make closer the relations with our Cooperative and with the organisation of a flamenco evening in the courtyard of our facilities. Since the summer of 2009 until today, the “Almanzara Flamenca” has become the most important flamenco festival of the summer in Los Pedroches area, where famous flamenco singers and promising talents of flamenco perform.

It is an example of our commitment both for the Associations and for the support to the culture and the traditions of our region. Every summer, at the end of June, the courtyard and the principal entrance of the Olivarera Los Pedroches SCA becomes a magical stage where flamenco laments, guitars and heels are mixed with the enthusiasm of amateurs that enjoy a delightful and an intimate night. The moon is the main guest that provides us company until the early hours and, why not, with the presence of good wine and a pleasant company.

5ª Almazara Flamenca Olipe


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