More of 50 years of existence

More of 50 years of existence
Entrance gate. The Cooperative’s beginning“In the city of Pozoblanco, 14th December 1957, the parties are met in the first call in the Assembly hall of the Town hall of this city, assigned to that purpose by the Sir. Major-President, the forty eight associates of this Cooperative Olivarera “Los Pedroches”...
to fulfil Article 29 of the Regulations of the Law on Coordination of November 11th, 1943, in order to properly set up the Cooperative and to designate the associates who would form the first Governing board...”
Primer Consejo Rector.Thus began the Constitutional act of our Cooperative, inaugurating a tradition of more than 50 years of robust activity which has stayed faithful to its founding principles. In that initial Assembly, our first President was voted into office (“Director,” as stated in the Act), José María Tirado Moreno, being the youngest president and the one who held this position the longest. At the same time, they chose the positions of Secretary, Treasurer, Members and Vigilance Committee (these days called statutory auditors).
During these fifty years, the Olivarera Los Pedroches SCA has had six Presidents, all men of distinction:
  • José María Tirado Moreno.
  • Jesús Cabrera Montero.
  • Rafael Muñoz Cabrera.
  • Jesús Fernández de Castro.
  • Luís Gonzalo Blanco Domínguez.
  • Juan Antonio Caballero Jiménez.
Throughout the history of Olipe, the expansions of the facilities have marked some turning points that should be noted.
In the mid-sixties, the olive warehouse was expanded, with new metallic storage tanks and a new covered olive oil press, adapting the facilities for a growing production capacity.
In the eighties, the press systems were replaced with horizontal centrifuges. This completely changed the dynamic of the factory, improving quality and productivity. The method of work changed, and the new oil-producing technologies provided us better quality olive oils and further income from the oils produced.
In the mid-nineties, with the beginning of organic production, there was another important change marked by the introduction of the packing system. This led to further change in how we sold our oil, moving toward and supporting further value added to the products of the Cooperative. At the same time, this led to professionalization in the decision making and in the creation of the position of Director of the Cooperative. This reinforces the pursuit of our own unique and distinctive identity as the olive groves of Los Pedroches sierra.
In the beginning of the new century, a further expansion was undertaken, with a new warehouse with stainless steel tanks specifically for organic olive oil, giving adequate capacity for our increased production.
Currently, the latest expansion has been the creation of a Composting plant for Alperujo (waste by-product from the olive oil extraction), changing our traditional concept it as a waste by-product, recognizing its value as organic fertilizer for our olive groves and therefore closing the nutrient cycle.


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Sir José Mª Tirado. Founding President of Olipe
First Assembly of associates
Olipe Factory
Olipe Factory
Office building of Olipe
Aerial image Olipe
Inauguration of the Olivarera Los Pedroches
Entry of the Cooperative
Olive oil mill
Back courtyard of the Olive oil mill


Certification Service CAAE. It is the Certification body for the organic agriculture and livestock
Territorial Quality Los Pedroches
Food Safety Management System  JAS – Certification of Organic Production for the Japanese market
Quality Management System – ISO 9001  Quality Certificate
Verification of Carbon Footprint