OLIPE for its people

OLIPE for its people
Olipe Culture Olivarera Los Pedroches SCA, « Olipe », has always taken into account its social role in our town and in our region, helping those collectives that have asked us any collaboration to reinforce those activities organized by different entities using our products (Organic Extra Virgin Olive oil and conventional).

However, we believe that we can go further in the partnerships with the different associations, giving to them additional services that we are already offering to our members. We would like to increase the number of agreements with different entities in our area and to search for opportunities to satisfy our members.


In this sense, the program “Olipe for its people” is established into a specific framework of partnership between the Olivarera Los Pedroches SCA and an association in particular. In this way, their associates could make use of the services that the Cooperative offers and at the same time the association can obtain an economic benefice to develop their particular activity.

We have started this project with three associations of different areas (Padel Club of Pozoblanco, Horse riding club “The Horse Circle” of Pozoblanco and the Cultural Club of Flamenco Agustín Fernández) and these relations are currently reinforced between the associations and our Cooperative.
Collaboration with CAEE for the reforestation of our sierra

Currently, the associations linked with the program “Olipe for its people” are the following:

Cultural Club of Flamenco Agustín Fernández
Horse riding Club “The Horse Circle”
Padel Club Pozoblanco
Association of Businessman of Pozoblanco ADEPO
Cultural Association “Friends of the dance”
Promising talent of Basketball of Pozoblanco
Camper Club “Los Pedroches”
Cyclist Club San Bartolomé
Marathon Club Pozoblanco
Recreational Fishing Club
Livestock of the Los Pedroches valley SCA “COVAP”
Association “Large families”of Pozoblanco.
Golf Club of Pozoblanco.
Atlético de Madrid Club
Club Cadista Taruga “Manolo Acaiñas”
Association for the defense of the Historical Patrimony of Pozoblanco “Piedra y Cal”.
Real Madrid Club
Recreational club of Tiraeras Los Tarugos.



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Almazara Flamenca
Collaboration with CAEE for the reforestation of our sierra
Collaboration with CAEE for the reforestation of our sierra


Certification Service CAAE. It is the Certification body for the organic agriculture and livestock
Territorial Quality Los Pedroches
Food Safety Management System  JAS – Certification of Organic Production for the Japanese market
Quality Management System – ISO 9001  Quality Certificate
Verification of Carbon Footprint