Olivarera Los Pedroches S.C.A Mission

Olivarera Los Pedroches S.C.A Mission
Representation of our associatesOur mission means more than a mere production of oil from our associates’ olives in a sole purpose cooperative. The commitment that we undertake goes straight to the heart of our essence: the olive grove of the sierra of Los Pedroches. Everything that we do, project, commit is inseparably linked and directed to the perseverance and development of a territory where we expand our activity... and our life.
We direct our cooperative project to the commercialisation of our own brands, the quality of our olive oils, environmental differentiation, internalization, certifications, activity diversification, etc. it is the way to add value to our products and to our olive grove. In addition, we include the cultural and traditional roots that our olive grove of the sierra has brought along for more than 250 years of existence. In this sense, the activities are justified by the historic legacy to our future generations that we should preserve. Especially, the social factor is the unequivocal basis of our activity. We create a solid basis that is largely shared out in the 825 families of our associates and by means of them this wealth is distributed in the region with direct and indirect employment. We contribute in countryside areas with improvement of access and the maintenance of infrastructures of properties to preserve the territory. We create value producing life in the olive grove of the sierra of Los Pedroches. On the other hand, our social work is also related to the rest of society. Some projects such as “Olipe for its people” are examples of our commitment with different Associations of the region and with the people of Los Pedroches as a base for the way we operate. But the role of our Cooperative also has responsibility outside the region. We participate in different administrations (Committees, Regional and National Ministries…); being part of the governing boards of entities such as Association Valor Ecológico, Association EPEA or Faeca shows the involvement in the important decision-making process for the rest of farmers and local society. This presence and recognition is also included in the role that the Olivarera Los Pedroches should offer to accomplish its objectives. We develop different activities and we face responsibilities in a local, regional, national and international context this means that the Cooperative is closely connected with society, providing its commitment and responsibility to accomplish its established mission.

“To preserve and to promote the inheritance of the olive grove of the Sierra of Los Pedroches”



Certification Service CAAE. It is the Certification body for the organic agriculture and livestock
Territorial Quality Los Pedroches
Food Safety Management System  JAS – Certification of Organic Production for the Japanese market
Quality Management System – ISO 9001  Quality Certificate
Verification of Carbon Footprint