Organic Extra Virgin Olive oil

Organic Extra Virgin Olive oil
Extraction of the olive oilBehind the yellow-gold colour of this extra virgin olive oil, we discover the variety of olive oil “Nevadillo Blanco” that possesses a big personality in the flavour. This oil has a soft aroma; it has a large range of nuances such as herbaceous and fruity notes, all its essence is displayed in its flavour. A well-balance between bitterness and pungency that leaves a clean mouth with memories of others fruits such as almond and fig. This raw olive oil is perfect and it will become the master of your kitchen when you will start to cook using it. Our brands Olipe and Olivalle will not leave you indifferent and you will rapidly be indentified with them.

Aceite de oliva virgen extra. OLIPE

 Aceite de Oliva Ecológico Olivalle


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Certification Service CAAE. It is the Certification body for the organic agriculture and livestock
Territorial Quality Los Pedroches
Food Safety Management System  JAS – Certification of Organic Production for the Japanese market
Quality Management System – ISO 9001  Quality Certificate
Verification of Carbon Footprint