Quality policy and food safety

Quality policy and food safety
Organic Olive oil. OLIVALLEOwing to the particular characteristics of the olive oil sector, quality and food safety become a priority in the activities of the Sociedad Cooperativa Andaluza Olivarera Los Pedroches (OLIVARERA LOS PEDROCHES, S. COOP. AND.). These activities start from a natural product, the olive fruit, where the olive oil is obtained as a final product, bringing an added value along the entire process until the delivery to the customer.

The Quality Policy and Food Safety of the Olivarera Los Pedroches SCA, pursues as strategic objectives: the continuous increase of the competitiveness of the organisation and the highest attention in every stage that we make, every time that we come to a decision and in every action that we effectuate for the sake of guaranteeing the food safety and the satisfaction of the needs of our customers for one product, the olive oil, according to their expectations and the market requirements.

The guidelines and the general objectives of the Quality Policy and Food safety, established by the senior management of the Olivarera Los Pedroches, SCA are:
  • To make the quality and the food safety a basic element in the culture of the business, involving the entire personnel of the organization.
  • To express the acquired commitment in order to observe the applicable law, its standards and requirements established internally by the organization or in accordance with the voluntary agreement with our customers, applicable to activities, products and services.
  • To guarantee and oversee the carrying out of hygiene and health conditions during the development of our processes.
  • To collaborate with public and private organisms for the innovation and improvement of the quality both in the product, processes, environment and possible health alerts, guaranteeing the external and internal communication of these ones.
  • To have the necessary resources for the fulfillment of the Objectives of Quality and Food Safety and to allow the continuous improvement in the efficiency of the Management system of Quality and Food Safety.
  • To promote and facilitate the training and increased awareness of the entire personnel of the organization in relation to the aspects with the Management system of Quality and Food Safety.
  • To support and motivate all the initiatives for the continuous improvement, the food safety of our product and the customer service, as well as the own Management system of the quality and food safety.



Certification Service CAAE. It is the Certification body for the organic agriculture and livestock
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Food Safety Management System  JAS – Certification of Organic Production for the Japanese market
Quality Management System – ISO 9001  Quality Certificate
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