Workers of Olipe

Presidente Olivarera Los Pedroches. Juan Antonio Caballero Jiménez.Juan Antonio Caballero Jiménez

President and Director of Olipe

After his previous job as a teacher for mental disabled persons, in 1998 he developed his activity as technician in the Olivarera Los Pedroches SCA, specialised in Organic Production until 2006 when he became the responsible of certification SC CAAE in Castilla La Mancha. In 2008, he is appointed as President of the Olivarera Los Pedroches SCA, assuming at the same time the position of Director. He has been awarded with the Prize of researches on the agricultural system of the olive grove, Ecoliva 2000 and Accésit, “Prize Andrés Núñez de Prado for the Research in Organic agriculture” second round. He usually participates in conferences and symposium such as Expoliva or BioCórdoba, at the same time he collaborates with different entities such as the Association of the Organic Value (CAAE) (he is member of the management board), the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries of the government of Andalusia (Expert in I, II, III Plan of Andalusia for the Organic Agriculture), with ENAC (auditor in organic production), Faeca (member of the organic area). He has published some articles in various magazines (IFOAM Europe, Alcuza...); he has also collaborated in some chapters of books (The practice in the Organic agriculture and livestock) and scientific documents.
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Jesús M. García-Arévalo Rojas.Jesús M. García-Arévalo Rojas.

Responsible of Accounting and Business administration. He is also the creator and responsible of this website.

Since 2001 he has started as an administrative assistant until nowadays, his evolution has always been rising and he has become the person who controls the internal management system. With his creative capacity he dares both with the design of the advertising panels and with the current catalogue. He is dynamic, versatile, creative...together with a kind, calm and intelligent character.
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Manuel Valero Fernandez. Tecnico de Ayudas.Manuel Valero Fernández

Technical responsible of the Grant management and files of organic agriculture. He is also responsible of the training area.

His task has a big responsibility in the processing of files that he accomplishes in an exceptional way with a lot of concentration, organisation and patience together with a strong technical capacity. He has experience in agricultural sector and he started in Olipe in 2006 assuming the entire technical department. He collaborates with Fedeprol and he is also the responsible of all the procedures or “paperwork” that the associates need, placing their confidence in his management. He has a noble and prudent character, very resolvent and versatile; he provides the necessary tranquillity with the administration procedures.
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Fidel Plazuelo Ruiz Fidel Plazuelo Ruiz

Responsible of the Oil Mill

Since 1988 he holds the position of “Responsible of the Oil Mill”. He has been member of the Governing Council for 16 years. He is an expert olive oil taster; he has been member of the tasting panel of Cordoliva during 8 years. At the present moment he is also the responsible of production, bottling and maintenance, being the responsible of the quality of the obtained olive oils. He has a restrained and a noble character; thanks to his experience and his capacity he is the strong basis of the professional team of Olipe.
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