System of the environmental management ISO 14001

System of the environmental management ISO 14001

An ISO 14001 certificate shows that its environmental management system has been measured comparing with the standards of good professional practice and it has been declared to be complied. This certificate is issued by an independent certification body; the certificate allows clients to know that they reduce environmental impacts of processes, products and company services.

ISO 14001 was published in 1996 and it was reviewed in 2004 and it is the most recognized and used scheme of the world for environmental management systems. It is generic and it corresponds to any kind of organisation, large or small, and it is suitable to any business sector. The ISO 14001 is based on two concepts of continuous improvement and regulatory compliance.
We gradually grows to the green
The standard demands to organizations to identify all the environmental impacts and the related aspects. In addition, it demands to define environmental objectives and to implement actions for the improvement of the carrying out in order to ameliorate the processes in priority areas with significant aspects. ISO 14001 establishes a good practice for the proactive management of the environmental impact of their organization. When we possess an environmental management system certified under the standard ISO 14001, it goes further than the simple approval. It objective is to gradually improve.
The elements of the standard
It contains the central elements of a system of efficient environmental management. It could be applied both in services sectors and in manufacturing. The main elements of the standard are:

  • Environmental policy.
  • Planning.
  • Implementation and operating.
  • Verification and corrective action.
  • Review of the management.


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