Sales Terms

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These sale terms (“Sales terms”) will be applied to the orders that you make and send to the Olivarera Los Pedroches S.C.A., registered office in Ctra. Circunvalación s/n 14400 Pozoblanco – Cordoba – Spain, CIF F14012306, registered in the Agricultural Industries with the number 14/40.031. Registered in the Sociedad Cooperativa Andaluza with the number CO-108-RCA “Olivarera Los Pedroches S.C.A.”, and the registered trademarks “Olivalle” and “Olipe”, the website or other websites under the control of the Olivarera Los Pedroches S.C.A. (“Web site”).
These sales terms (“Sales terms”) will be applied to orders made from within Spain. You should contact the management if you want to purchase our products outside of Spain, in order to discuss the specific sale terms for each country. 
Payment should be made by one of the methods described below. The Olivarera Los Pedroches S.C.A. will issue the corresponding invoice, which will be delivered together with the products purchased. All payments will be made in Euros. The accepted methods of payment are:
- Credit card, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro; you only have to provide us your card number, the expiration date and the card security code CVV2 or CVC2. In this case, your data will be encrypted and sent via a safe server to the virtual POS (Point of sale) of the Grupo Caja Rural. 
- Bank transfer, payable to the Olivarera Los Pedroches S.C.A. Once the purchase process is completed, the screen will indicate the account number. You should make the transfer within 15 working days after making the order. If we do not receive any confirmation of the bank transfer after this period has expired, the order will be cancelled. In the heading, you should provide your name and the order reference.
You may purchase any of the products that the “Olivarera Los Pedroches S.C.A.” sells on its website. “Olivarera Los Pedroches S.C.A.” will make its best effort to have available at all times the products offered for sale; however, “Olivarera Los Pedroches S.C.A.” cannot guarantee it will have available the product you want to purchase at the moment you place the order, for this reason the “Olivarera Los Pedroches S.C.A.” will verify the availability of the desired product at the time of the order. If a product ordered is out of stock, the customer will be notified that the order will be cancelled (unless it is impossible to contact the client) and the substitution of a similar product will be proposed; in such a case one could modify the initial order, or accept or refuse the substitution proposed by “Olivarera Los Pedroches S.C.A.”
References to products of the “Olivarera Los Pedroches S.C.A.” included on sites linked to our company do not mean that the product is available by means of the website. Such references will not be understood in any case as offering a product for sale from the “Olivarera Los Pedroches S.C.A.”.
The products’ current prices will be indicated on the website at the moment that you make your order. The “Olivarera Los Pedroches S.C.A.” reserves the right to modify at any time the prices of its products; in this case, the new prices will be immediately applicable to the further orders that you may make, as well as to the modifications that you may request regarding previous orders, but with the understanding that in any case, the price changes will not be applied to orders in process of delivery.
The applicable VAT is included in the prices of the products.
The delivery costs for Spain, which will be added (if necessary) to the total amount by means of an automatic process, will be applied according to its weight and distance. The delivery costs are free for orders over 50 kg. 
- Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla: you should check prices before making the order because the final price is subject to transport fares of the transport company. 
The delivery deadline of your order is 2 or 3 days maximum (valid for the Iberian Peninsula. The customers of Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla will be informed about the expected deadline once the order has been correctly processed). 
We do not deliver to post office boxes. We do not send through CORREOS. The shipment is made by means of a rapid-shipping company and it will be directly sent to the address that you have provided us in the order form. 
The delivery deadline described will be effective if the customer is available in the delivery place during this period; in this case, the products will be officially considered delivered on the date that the “Olivarera Los Pedroches S.C.A.” delivers them to the delivery place. The order will be cancelled and returned to our facilities in the following cases:
- If the delivery is not made after three delivery attempts.
- If it has been impossible to contact the customer after 8 working days of the first delivery attempt.
- Orders paid by credit card or bank transfer and returned after three delivery attempts will be reimbursed, except for the costs generated by transport.
The “Olivarera Los Pedroches S.C.A.” declares that our products possess the maximum guarantee of quality and the analysis corresponding to their certification as organic. 
The products purchased on the website always have information at least in Spanish, and customer service in Spain. If you desire further information, you may contact us by calling (+34) 957770529 or by e-mail
Our ultimate objective is the satisfaction of our customers; therefore we want to make sure that the product purchased in our online store meets your expectations. Were that not to be the case, you have 5 working days, from the day of receiving delivery, to return the product. Simply write us an e-mail to providing us your Name, Address, Telephone number, National ID or Passport number and the product that you desire to return. You could also call us at (+34) 957 77 05 29 and we will contact you to arrange the day to pick up the product.
The pickup of the product will be arranged by the Olivarera Los Pedroches S.C.A. and the costs deriving from such return (6€) will be assumed by the customer as legitimate additional costs of the Olivarera Los Pedroches S.C.A. incurred in processing your return.
The reimbursement for the purchase will be made, in any case, after we receive the products at the Olivarera Los Pedroches S.C.A. After a verification of the status of the products, which must be unused and in the original packaging, we will proceed to reimburse your amount (shipping costs not included) by means of a voucher made to the name of the person who placed the order. 
If a product returned is not in the aforementioned conditions, in other words, that you have used it in a way other than its normal use, it will be sent again to the customer, charging also the corresponding transport costs. If the product arrives to the customer in deteriorated or defective condition, it will be replaced by the same product in perfect condition.
The website guarantees you a safe purchase. For your own security, you will notice that at no moment does “Olivarera Los Pedroches S.C.A.” request your banking information in any of the methods of payment available. To guarantee your security in your purchases, the credit card payments are made directly in a safe server to the virtual POS of the Grupo Caja Rural, by means of a payment gateway (POS- virtual) to which we will redirect you from our online store at the moment of payment, by means of a safe connexion.
The “Olivarera Los Pedroches S.C.A.” considers it a priority to guarantee the privacy and confidentiality of the personal data of its users obtained by means of any system that allows their transmission. The “Olivarera Los Pedroches S.C.A.” declares its commitment to compliance with the pertinent legislation that is in force at the present time, the Organic Law 15/1999, 13th December, Personal Information Protection. 
We will not use the data of our buyers, including but not limited to their first and last names, address, telephone number and e-mail address, except for the processing of their purchase. Also, if you wish, we could keep you informed about our new products.
You may exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by means of an e-mail sent to or by calling us at (+34) 957 77 05 29.
These terms of sale will be governed by the laws of Spain.